In order to discover your God-given talents, you mustlearn toDREAMagain.


Four years ago I was simply going through the motions. I lived each day stressed to the max, trying to make my life work as a mom, wife, employee, and business owner. Every day was complete chaos from the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep. I felt like I was struggling to do anything well.

I had a love hate relationship with my job. I loved the impact that I was making on children and families but disliked being an employee and not feeling appreciated. Never once did I think that I could ever escape the 8-5 because this is just how things are. I fell into a business opportunity that completely changed my way of thinking about work, life, society, everything. I began to create a new vision for my future and dream again. I visualized being able to do something significant without having to sacrifice the people that I loved the most.

Last year I was able to leave my job where I earned almost 60 K a year. I left a great career, amazing benefits, and a dream staff. I was scared of change but knew in my heart that going through the motions was not the way things were supposed to be. This change has been the most amazing experience ever. I’ve been able to discover who I truly am as a person, be present in the lives of my children, figure out how to expand my reach in my business, and work on personal growth and development that has been invaluable.

My advice to you is to ALLOW YOURSELF TO DREAM AGAIN! As children we dream, we are curious, and we know that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. We lose these traits as adults and we shouldn’t!

Life is TOO SHORT to go through the motions. I believe that we were each blessed with God-given talents and strengths that we can use to create freedom, happiness, and abundance. Get out of your own way and uncover your true purpose.
I can guarantee that you have the ability to dream, create, and change your life. If you are READY to finally create change, I’d love to chat with you! Book a free call with me by clicking on this link!

Let’s do this! <3 Jess