Setting goals is an important part of staying inspired, motivated and seeing results. Dare to dream! Set your goals and learn how to make them work.

Many people progress through life without setting goals and without ever having a real dream. Why is this the case?

Guide to goal setting that works

Goal setting and why it matters

Unfortunately, some of us tend to go through life focusing on pleasing others and striving to live up to the expectations that society has placed on us. Dreaming is often discouraged by those around us. In fact, when people do share a dream, they are often shot down by others and that dream quickly dies.

Why is it that living the American dream usually consists of working our life away, debt, and stress? Was this really what was intended for us? I’ve been there! We wake up in the morning, it’s a rush and struggle to get our kids out the door, we finally make it to work only to find more STRESS!

I’m sure that there are jobs out there that people enjoy 100%. However, I would guess that they are few and far between. What happens when we start living this life? We feel STUCK! Even if we are not happy in our jobs, marriages, or relationships we stay. Why? Why have we been so conditioned to remain stagnant?

Dare to dream! 

I’m here to encourage you to stop living in the box that society has placed around you.

  • Dare to dream! Dare to discover yourself!
  • What is your purpose?
  • What is it that you were placed on this earth to do?
  • Do you feel that you are living up to your full potential? Or, are you someone who’s stuck?

I just started this amazing personal development course by Chalene Johnson called the 30-day PUSH. I finished day 1 last night and absolutely LOVED what she prompted us to reflect on. What are your priorities? What are your guiding principles? How do you want to be remembered?

I want to hear from each and EVERY one of you that read this in a COMMENT BELOW. What are your priorities? What are your guiding principles? How do you want to be remembered? Do you feel that you are living out your purpose?

My conclusion…

Here is what I came up with after my reflection. I am sharing this with you because if you asked me to do this 2 years ago, my priorities and guiding principles would have most likely been affiliated with a job. A job that limited my potential and brought extreme amounts of stress and negativity to my life.

I finally made a decision to change, to get to know myself, and to DREAM.