be bold

There’s something important that we all must realize and process now. At some point during our journey toward success, greatness, and abundance, we’re going to fish up a hater. That nasty, negative person that blames you for their failures or is jealous of you for accomplishing great things in your life.

Haters exist in a lower state of vibrational frequency. They receive immediate self-gratification from making other people feel bad. They love to instill fear, insecurity, and disbelief into your positive, goal-oriented brain. Haters will do everything humanly possible to get us to stoop to their level. This includes name calling, public humiliation, and sometimes even verbal abuse. Their only goal is to hurt you so that their ego can feel just a little bit better.

Usually a hater’s ego is damaged by years of past hurts. They failed to ever believe in themselves enough to overcome their own fears and demons to achieve things that they could be proud of. They are lost souls focused on creating chaos that brings excitement to their lives and helps them to feel a sense of false power.

When we stoop down to the level of a hater by fighting back or engaging with them, they WIN. The most effective weapon that we possess to ward off these nasty beings is our resolve!

Our resolve to keep our heads up, our hearts open, and our minds positive. Our resolve to push even harder. Our resolve to become the best possible versions of ourselves through reflection, personal growth, and massive action. We will not allow any of our precious energy to be spent on a hater.

We are bold.

We are strong.

We are favored by our tribe.

We were meant for greatness!