Anyone who tells you that being a mompreneur is easy is full of it!

First of all, not everyone possesses your ability to create a vision as big as yours. Give yourself credit for that and promise me that when the going gets tough, you will sink into the excitement and zest that you had for your business when you first got started, pull yourself off the floor, and keep going!

As women, we naturally have a lot going for us. As women in business, our lives can get crazy and sometimes overwhelming. You will naturally experience ups and downs. I’m telling you, mompreneurship is a roller coaster ride that can be scary as hell! There have been so many times over the last five years that I have felt like throwing my hands up and quitting. There were times when I thought that leaving the JOB would never be attainable. Those were thoughts…my deep seeded BELIEF in myself never swayed and here I am writing this blog post from the comfort of my own home.

So, what do you do when everything seems to be spiraling out of control?

What happens when you completely lack the motivation to work your business and you feel sorry for yourself more than you feel inspired?

You start with acknowledging that you are experiencing a little case of the “Mompreneur Funk”.

How to beat the mompreneur funk

If you think this isn’t for you because you are always on your high flying disk, that is great! Stay in your vortex and keep going! If your disk has taken a nose dive, you have GOT to act fast. I’ve seen so many amazingly capable, beautiful, and bright mompreneurs FAIL because they were not strong enough to suck it up and pull themselves out of this funk.

You have worked way too hard to allow yourself to throw your hands up! I have put some tips together on the graphic below to help you move forward if you are experiencing any of the “symptoms” of the “Mompreneur Funk.”

How to beat the Mompreneur Funk?

HOW to Beat the Mompreneur funk final

Funks can kill self-confidence, rob you of your belief, and hijack your amazing future. Have you experienced the Mompreneur funk?


  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of focus
  • You may feel a little down but not really know why
  • You will think negatively about certain areas of your life
  • You will let excuses set in

And if you don’t fight the funk, you’ll start to see a negative spiral of events take place in your life. You may even lose belief in yourself and your business altogether.

Here are some ideas to beat the Mompreneur funk:

  • Recognize your triggers
  • Read at least 30 minutes of personal development daily
  • Engage in some type of physical activity
  • Focus on feeling gratitude and love
  • Intentionally notice things in life that light you up

In addition, I write about this in my book. I am so passionate about helping women overcome obstacles that are part of this life experience. If this post resonates with you and you are needing support, please reach out! Let me help you TRANSFORM your life and your business.