Pregnancy can be one of the happiest times of our lives. We are experiencing the overwhelming excitement of our soon to be an addition to our family. We are reading books and websites to see how the baby is developing at each stage. We are shopping for nursery furniture and baby clothes. Most of us are also EATING! Here are some tips for losing baby weight and getting back your pre-pregnancy body.


My experience with gaining weight through pregnancy

I know from personal experience, that during my first pregnancy I was carefree and clueless about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating and gained around 50 pounds. I thought I would fit right back into my size 6 jeans…not so much.

It took me 5 years to lose the weight. With my second pregnancy I did great for the first 20 weeks and then the ICE CREAM cravings came on. I would eat Fat Boys ALL DAY! I remember sending my hubby to the store at night just to get me a Fat Boy or TWO! Little did he know that I also snuck to McDonald’s during the day and got an ice cream. Sometimes I would go twice a day. With that pregnancy, I worked out and only gained 30 pounds and lost all of my baby weight within 6 months.

Losing baby weight

Losing baby weight: tips for getting back your pre-pregnancy body

Of course, eating clean and exercising during pregnancy is the first key to losing weight fast after pregnancy. However, there are many things that you can do NOW to lose that baby weight! Whether it’s been 2 months or 2 years since your baby was born.

I remember feeling so helpless and alone after having my daughter. I was fat and miserable!

I wish I would have found someone to help me and encourage me. I had NO CLUE where to start and couldn’t even fathom the thought that I COULD be successful and lose the weight.

I’m here to tell you that losing weight after pregnancy is possible. It is possible to lose the dreaded pooch, love handles, saddlebags, cellulite, ALL OF IT!

Losing the weight will help you feel so much better! You will have more energy, self-confidence, and motivation to live life and be the best mommy possible.


Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Increase your activity level

If you are starting early, make sure that you have approval from your doctor to start exercising. Decide on your plan of action and go! Some of you may feel more comfortable starting out with walking or some other form of light exercise. I started with Slim in 6 after Nick and was able to lose 18 pounds in 6 weeks. I was determined to lose the weight and not hold onto it for 5 years like I did with my daughter!

2. Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding alone can burn between 500-800 calories a day. Follow instructions from your doctor to make sure that your caloric intake and nutrition is appropriate.


I’m not sure why I put this as the 3rd tip… It is THE most important component for weight loss! This is the component that I have struggled with for years.

You can go to the gym, bust your butt daily, but if you don’t have your eating dialed in, you will see minimal change. You cannot workout and then go eat pizza every day! I learned that the hard way!

4.  Find a support network

It is so much easier to make changes when you have a group of people cheering you on! If you need help, support, or guidance and would like a consultation, e-mail your request to with consultation request in the subject line or sign up for my free membership here.

We will find the right program to get you back into tip-top shape and back into those pre-pregnancy jeans before you know it!