I have an entire chapter of my book devoted to recovering from setbacks. It’s quite ironic that I have experienced yet another setback in my life (autoimmune issues). My entire brand could be based on this. Instead, I continue to focus on transformation, progress, positive thinking, and taking these bumps in the road and turning them into something amazing. I am a firm believer that we experience nothing by chance. We create our own experiences and we experience lessons from the universe. Perhaps they go hand in hand.

Life is ever changing. We are blessed with abundance, joy, health, and happiness. We are cursed with loss, death, illness, and sadness. What we are almost always given is the ability to choose our reactions to life. So many of us live in a state of chaos. We regret the past, worry about the future, and rarely live in the moment. I am guilty of all of the above. However, I choose to move forward in my journey. I take in life’s lessons, attempt to construct meaning from each whirlwind, and strive to keep going.

Think about the way that you are living right now. Have you experienced a set back that is holding you back? Are you proactive or reactive when it comes to living your life? Do you feel peaceful and content? Are you struggling? Do you feel like everyone is out to get you? Is your business falling apart? Are you feeling lazy and uninspired? I’m a firm believer in holistic happiness. I wonder if that phrase has ever been used before? In order to transform your life, you have to be prepared to take a well-rounded approach to improving each area of life. Stop the all or nothing mentality and give yourself a break.

Start with truly loving yourself.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and told yourself something kind? Try this…Look in the mirror right now and say, “I love you and everything that you are.” Loving ourselves is a huge step in our journey. You may think this is basic, but I can bet that there is some area of your life that you are still very critical of. Personally, I struggle with making comments about my homemaking skills. The more that I speak negativity around this area of my life, the more that I attract it. I could take a more proactive approach and start to focus on feeling better about myself in this area. Can I improve my homemaking skills? I absolutely can! I am able, capable, and have all of the resources that I need to move forward. If this is an area that I truly wish to improve, I can choose to do so.

If you are a mompreneur who is struggling with moving forward after a setback in business, it is imperative that you work on truly loving yourself! You are capable of being WILDLY successful in your business. You must believe this wholeheartedly and start to truly reflect on how you can love yourself into a feel good state that manifests success. Start with the mirror activity above and then move to examining your limiting beliefs when it comes to building your business. Commit to truly identifying exactly the way that you want to feel about your life and your business. Once you have identified those desired feelings, it will be SO much easier to figure out which activities you need to engage in to move forward. Desired feelings are much more powerful than goals.







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We will work on the following:

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-Creating a new vision and taking action.

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