Inspiration fueled by life experience is typically the way most amazing books or projects are brought into existence. This is exactly how TRANSFORM-The Mompreneur’s Guide to Greatness was born.

I’ve lived and breathed entrepreneurship for the last five years. More specifically, the world of network marketing.

It was and still is an entire new world for me.

I have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and have spent the last 15 years of my life nurturing children, building relationships with families, and leading quality improvement efforts in early childhood education programs.

I feel in line with my purpose when I am helping people.

When I started to dabble in network marketing, I was hesitant. My experience with network marketers definitely tainted my perception.

Every person that I knew that was in any sort of network marketing business was super salesy, a bit creepy, and just plain annoying.

I definitely did not want to be that person.

I started building my online fitness coaching business. I took it at my own pace. I did my best to integrate everything that I knew and loved about working with children and leading early childhood programs into my business.

I focused on building relationships and truly caring about people.

Two years into the business, I was all in. I jumped on the roller coaster and am hanging on for dear life.

As I started building my own team of coaches, I realized that retention can be tough! It bothered the heck out of me. I wanted all of my coaches to be successful and to love this business as much as I do.

I realized that there are SO many factors that play into whether or not someone can actually be successful in the world of online entrepreneurship.

As I was sitting down pondering this thought one day, I had this surge of energy and inspiration to write a book that Mompreneur’s could read early in their business to help them develop their mindset as they launch their business.

TRANSFORM~The Mompreneur’s Guide to Greatness was written for women who dream of TRANSFORMING their life and business.

This book will provide you with the tools to overcome the baggage of your past that is holding you back.

It will show you how to re-write your story, stop mind-fucking yourself, and FINALLY open the door to that big, bright future that awaits you.

You’ll gain specific tips on making it through the heart wrenching life events that make you want to curl up in a little ball. You’ll learn how to turn your heartache and your trauma into your story.

You’ll learn to visualize a life that inspires you and how to manifest that vision into your reality.


You’ll learn how to structure your crazy busy life in a manner that allows you to take daily action to make shit happen in your life and your business.

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XOXO, Jess