I had NO idea what I was going to write when I sat down today. I took a deep breath, prayed for inspiration, and immediately received the title of this blog post. Isn’t it amazing how our work can be guided like this?

So many of us struggle with letting go and allowing ourselves to receive guidance. We push, push, push and then become frustrated when our lives or our businesses are not moving forward as we planned. Then comes the second guessing. Am I in the wrong field? Am I in the wrong relationship? Am I in the wrong business? Am I being authentic? Am I living out my true purpose in life?

Then we start shoulding all over ourselves. Should I quit my job? Should I get a divorce? Should I go back to school? Should I rebrand myself? What should I do?

These are the thoughts that indicate that our EGO is in the driver’s seat. Every time we hear the thoughts running through our heads that are endlessly reliving past experiences, it is our EGO. When we are worried about some aspect of the future and are living in fear, we are at the mercy of our EGO. When we hold ourselves back in fear of judgement, we are living an EGO-driven life.

I believe that this internal struggle between LOVE and EGO is something that most of us will have to work through for the rest of our lives. However, KNOWLEDGE is power. We have the ability to acknowledge our past pain, our present fears, and then SURRENDER.

Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to move beyond our EGO-driven thoughts to find peace. It’s okay. Acknowledge your struggle and be easy on yourself. Realize that your EGO is in the driver’s seat but KNOW that your EGO does not define your TRUTH.

Take time to nurture yourself. When you are living in the moment, your EGO is no longer in control. When you are focused on light, love, and joy, YOU are LIVING your truth.

When you are living in love, joy, and total alignment, everything will come easier. Surrender your EGO-driven thoughts to your higher power and pray for peace, serenity, and guidance.

Go out and LIVE. Do something that lights you up. Play with your children, enjoy nature, read a book, and commit to letting love seep in and overcome the fear-based thoughts that were ruling your life. Create routines that incorporate these types of activities on a daily basis! You’d be AMAZED about how much it helps to create a mindful, meaningful routine that energize your body and spirit.