There is an unbelievable power in the personal development! If you don’t engage in reading or learning weekly, here’s why you should get started. 

After finishing my Master’s degree, I never thought I would ever pick up another book again. I was SO tired of reading 50-100 pages a night. However, after about a year of starting my home business, I finally listened to the guidance I had received from my mentors and top coaches. They all said…ENGAGE IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT DAILY!

I finally decided that there might be something to their madness given the fact that they were all earning 6 figures and living lives I could only dream of. So, I dove in. 

The power of personal development

Taking the first step

My first book was Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Wealth. This book was life changing for me. At the time, I was working at a Head Start program, struggling to maintain my happiness with the juggling act of being a manager, mom, wife, and whatever other roles I may have thrown myself into. I was miserable.

One of the things I hated most at the time was working my behind off without ever feeling appreciated. Dani Johnson‘s words spoke to me.

She said that 97% of Americans are either dead or dead broke by the age of 60. Seriously? Could this be true? What about the American dream of getting a college education, working for 30 years, and then enjoying retirement?

I remember vividly as I was reading one night that I had this horrible reality hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. My parents BOTH fit within Dani Johnson‘s statistic.

My dad, just a few years away from retirement, died of a heart attack behind his desk at the age of 61. He was such a hard working man. He was anxiously looking forward to retiring and being able to go back home to fiddle with equipment and grow hay. Yet stress and poor health robbed him of his dream.

My mom went downhill as soon as my dad passed. This was 10 years ago. She is now withering away in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. She is not dead, but she is dead broke and is confined to the sterile walls of the Alzheimer’s unit at Highland manner.

How personal development inspired me for a better life

Two months after reading First Steps to Wealth, I attended my first Coach Summit. I had never felt so empowered and changed. I came back home and told my husband how inspired I was. I realized that life doesn’t have to include living in CHAOS. I decided to make some major changes to create more balance and bliss in my life. 

If you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, know that you have options! We all have options. Be open to change, commit to taking leaps and seek change that makes you feel good.

All this starts with a commitment to look within and choose to grow into the person that you were created to be. Engaging in personal development can open your mind, inspire you, and teach you to dream again. <3

My favorite personal development books

Here are my 6 absolute favorite personal development books! I hope that you enjoy <3

  • First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson
  • The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
  • The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein
  • Motivation Manifest by Brendon Burchard
  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  • Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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