After I left my job, I experienced sort of an identity crisis. I no longer had the field of early childhood education to be attached at the hip to. I am still in the process of self-discovery. Nature has been one of those beautiful outlandishly apparent blessings that I somehow took fore granted most of my life. Now, I can sit outside for hours in awe marveling at the beauty of the only tree in my back yard. I take the time to notice the colors of the leaves, the way they move in the wind, and the birds that also enjoy the tree as much as I do.

I make it a point to get outside at least once a day. More often than that if I need to feel uplifted. I’ve learned that magnificent sunsets take my breath away. Flowers have the power to capture my attention with their vibrant colors, fragrances, and unique shapes. Animals never cease to amaze me with their silly personalities and characteristics. I am in complete awe of all that mother nature has to offer.

When you take the time to smell the roses if you will, there’s something magical that happens. You notice small details about this world that you’ve always been too busy to see. Just for a moment, you step outside of your crazy chaotic life and experience a sense of peace that naturally makes you feel more connected to the universe, to God, to source, to a higher power…

       Excerpt from Transform~The Mompreneur’s Guide to Greatness (launching this week). Yes, I would like to pre-order a signed copy of Transform!